How do you reach new customers and grow your business? As the weather warms up in Alabama, HVAC businesses, just like yours, might be looking to expand their service territories or reach customers in other cities and counties. You want to put your business in the best position possible to take on new customers. 

One way you can easily reach new clients is by word-of-mouth referrals. Recent statistics indicate that 92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family over any other type of advertising. 

In most cases, your work speaks for itself; it’s your company’s best marketing strategy. Other times, your business might need help to reach new prospects or customers. 

Other than delivering on overall customer satisfaction, here are a few ways to propel your business forward during the spring and summer months: 

Use before and after photos as marketing collateral

Instead of talking about your business, show what your business can do by taking compelling before and after photos. Using these in your marketing materials, on your website or on social media outlets shows potential customers what your business can do for their home or office. 

Throw in a few extras

Offering no-charge features or services, such as free filters, is one way to make people remember you and sets you apart from your competition. Make sure your existing customers know about the “extra” services you provide, such as air duct cleaning. Bundle them with other, more popular services or consider giving free inspections. 

Don’t forget your calling card

Putting your company’s stickers on the equipment you service helps people and companies remember who they worked with in the past. Placing door hangers on surrounding homes or companies can also alert people in the area who their neighbors are using for these types of services. Your phone number, contact information and services should be easily readable. And don’t forget your logo. This is part of creating a strong brand awareness campaign.

Turn customers into fans by offering a referral program

If customers are going to be referring their friends and loved ones, make it worth their while by providing incentives. Before you go this route, however, ensure you’re capturing contact information and creating a database of customers you can reach out to for this program. Referral incentives take the pressure off of you having to call them by giving customers a reason to call you. 

Go the traditional advertising route or ask satisfied customers for reviews

If you still need to drum up business, don’t be afraid to establish a separate marketing budget to build your brand further and boost awareness. Low-lift ideas include making sure signage is on your business vehicles and your logo is visible on your technicians’ clothing. You can also invest in postcards, direct mail pieces, emails or digital advertising to make sure people are aware of the types of services your business offers. As part of this outreach, you can circle back to satisfied customers and ask them to leave reviews for your business on Google or Facebook. 

Spring into new business by focusing on your marketing efforts

Marketing your HVAC or air duct cleaning services ensures you have a steady flow of new business prospects. Whether you’re targeting homes or businesses, having a thoughtful approach to reaching prospects is what makes your company bloom in the spring and summer months. 

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