As we move into the more crisp and cool months, it’s good to know what the seasonal trends are when it comes to home improvements. If you’re planning on making upgrades or renovations, you’ll also want to know when the busy seasons are for local professionals and contractors.

These seasonal trends include:

  • roof repairs
  • energy efficiency upgrades
  • improvements focused on overall comfort

No matter which trend you embrace this season, take a look at some tips and advice for making the most out of your home improvement project.

Roofing repairs and replacement

Though spring and summer are more popular times to replace or repair a roof, fall is also a great time to make roof replacements. Winters in Alabama can get unexpectedly slick, so many roofers aren’t as busy during icier times of the year.

That said, fall might be just the time your local roofers prefer to work on rooftops since it’s not as likely to be hot up there. It may also be cheaper to tackle this type of project in the “offseason.” Repairing or replacing your roof now will also ensure you’re ahead of the game before spring rains begin falling in Alabama.

Energy efficiency upgrades

Many homeowners are thinking of ways to better utilize the energy within their homes and prevent precious heat from escaping. At Alabama Power, we work with customers year-round on how they can get the most bang for their buck when it comes to keeping their homes comfortable.

Some houses may need complete HVAC replacements this time of year, but others might only require repairs or simple upgrades such as programmable thermostats. Replacing garage doors and windows or insulating the attic are other ways people look to save on energy costs, as well.

If it’s a small upgrade, such as recaulking areas around windows or door frames to prevent heat from going out, you can likely tackle that yourself. For more extensive upgrades, repairs and replacements (or to enhance your home with smart technology), you should call a professional.

Improvements focused on comfort

During the holidays, the comfort of your guests is often top of mind. That’s why many home improvements that focus on comfort are at the top of homeowners’ lists this time of year.

You want to make the best impression on visiting relatives or friends, and very often, bathroom or plumbing upgrades and repairs are the way to go. Has it been a while since you’ve had your water heater checked? Add that to your to-do list so you won’t run out of hot water during the colder months.

Are you prepared for cold weather to hit your home?

While we don’t get a lot of snowy, below-freezing weather in many parts of the state, winter can still be an unpredictable time for many. It’s essential to get in touch with home improvement professionals now. They can tell you if it’s the right time to move forward on those projects that have been on your list for some time.

If you’re considering making upgrades, repairs or improvements to your home this fall or winter, also consider which type of financing or contractor you’ll need. Locate a Smart Financing service provider near you and reach out to them today to begin the application process.

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