Although we enjoy regularly mild temperatures and warmer-than-usual weather at many points during the year, winters in Alabama (particularly in January and February) have the potential to be downright bone-chilling. 

Now is the time you need to be making plans to perform HVAC maintenance, before the chills set in. When it’s cold outside, a working HVAC system is your family’s best friend. When you don’t have your HVAC system serviced properly just prior to the cold winter months, you are faced with losing money due to higher-than-usual energy bills and worse – potential heat failures.

Key HVAC Maintenance Tips

Did you know that heating your home and producing hot water can result in the winter months’ largest energy expenses? 

Take these steps now so that your HVAC system keeps you and your family toasty-warm during the holiday season and beyond. 

HVAC Maintenance Tip 1: Change your air filter and clean your vents 

How often do you change your air filter? If it’s monthly or bi-monthly, you’re in great shape to kick-off colder months. If you need more reminders to change your filters frequently, consider setting a calendar app reminder on your phone or another device. 

Ideally, you should change your filter every three months, and more frequently if you have pets in the home or if anyone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma. 

While you’re changing the filters, remember to vacuum out the vents, so your air runs free-flowing through your home’s ducts. 

HVAC Maintenance Tip 2: Schedule a winter inspection

Many homeowners trust professional HVAC technicians’ expertise and guidance to perform annual inspections on their systems to ensure everything is working as it should. 

Some service providers offer various programs so that it’s easy (and effortless) on your part to get an annual inspection at a discounted rate. Others might provide specials for new customers. Find a service provider in your area and see what’s available for your home’s HVAC inspection. 

HVAC Maintenance Tip 3: Consider replacing older systems

If your house is older, or if it’s been ten years or longer since you’ve replaced your HVAC system, it might be time to take the plunge. Newer systems have technological advancements focusing on sustainability and energy-efficiency that can bring added comfort and savings to your home. 

As you hire a technician to inspect your units, ask their opinion on when it might be time for a replacement. 

HVAC Maintenance Tip 4: Be sure to insulate the attic

Warm air rises, so it makes sense that one of the tips we offer has to do with your home’s attic. As air travels upward, it can escape your house if your attic is not adequately insulated. 

Don’t let money go out the door (or out the roof of your home). Visually inspect your attic areas and look for holes or weakly insulated corners. Adding a bit of insulation now could save you energy costs down the road. 

HVAC Maintenance Tip 5: Embrace Smart Technology

Some dad memes that are circulating the internet show dads obsessing about the temperature inside the home. While it’s funny to think of a homeowner checking the temperature inside the house every few minutes, having your HVAC unit working full time when it doesn’t have to is no laughing matter. 

Programmable and Smart thermostats help you control the temperature with the help of apps you can install on your phone. So no matter where you are, you can ensure your HVAC unit is running as efficiently as possible. 

Think of it: you’re out holiday shopping with your family and check your home’s temperature to make sure you’re not running the heat too high with no one home. You quickly make the adjustment then and there with your phone. Those kinds of conveniences are possible with today’s Smart Home Technology. 

Winter HVAC Preparedness Plan

Don’t leave your family out in the cold this winter. Check with one of our Smart Financing providers to ensure that your HVAC unit works as it should. 

When the weather outside gets frightful, inside your home will feel oh, so delightful.