The highs and lows of Alabama temperatures prompt many customers to reach for the thermostat, no matter the season. Smart customers want products and services that will save them money on energy costs and utility bills. 

For good reason: Energystar estimates that some improvements to insulation and other areas can save the average Southern homeowner up to 14% on utility bills. Those savings add up! 

Do homeowners know what products and services you offer? 

It’s important to get to know the top products and services your potential customers are looking for to help them save money down the road. Evaluate how you communicate these services to your customers, fine-tune your fall promotions and watch the inquiries roll in. 

Rather than relying on air conditioning repair or being on-call for when things “go wrong,” think proactively by offering: 

Air conditioning tune-ups

AC tuneups are a must for every homeowner. But many customers don’t realize that ongoing HVAC maintenance is an important part of homeownership that can help your unit run smoothly and save money in the long run. It’s always good to remind customers who might have delayed or forgotten about an AC tune-up and educate them on the real dollar savings of this service. 

Sealing and insulation

Help homeowners prevent money from literally going out the door due to leaks, improper sealing, or insulation. While performing an inspection on sealing, padding, and insulation around doors, windows or attic spaces, it’s also the ideal time to conduct an energy audit. From here, you can make recommendations to homeowners on how to improve the space if they hire your company or want to make the improvements themselves later on in the fall. Either way, you become a helpful resource to homeowners. 

Upgrading to a SMART thermostat

Homeowners may want to get away from the house for a few days and might be concerned about running the air conditioner too high or too low. In this case, a SMART thermostat might be a good recommendation. The latest units can be controlled from anywhere with the tap of a smartphone, making it easy to warm things up or cool it down. 

Suggest window upgrades

If possible, partner with another local company to offer homeowners a chance to replace their windows while getting upgrades to other areas of their HVAC units. Combining these services can pay the customer back over time (and more) in energy efficiency and comfort. Offering a special deal also allows the homeowner to better budget for home improvements they may not have previously considered. 

The most effective ways to market energy efficiency and home improvements 

Before you create programs and services or market them to your customers, make sure you’ve covered your bases: 

  • Look over your marketing collateral to ensure crystal clear communication.
  • Reach out to prior customers for referrals and offer additional upgrades or services they may need.
  • Utilize tools, such as social media, Google My Business listings, and mailers or postcards to reach homes in your service area.
  • Rethink your financing options to include our Smart Financing program.

Now is the time to establish new relationships with homeowners and expand your service offerings with new deals or programs. 

Do you have questions about reaching new customers or increasing your impact in your local areas? Check out a few other resources we have, or contact us to learn more about our Smart Financing program and what is available for businesses like yours.