The roofing industry is poised to have a very successful year in Alabama, and many factors impact its overall success, including:

  • Alabama’s extreme weather patterns
  • Homeowners’ desire for more durable products
  • Existing home renovation vs. new home building

Replacing or repairing a roof is a substantial investment for many homeowners, and we want to help you finish strong this year by knowing how to communicate more effectively with your customers.

That said, it’s essential to be aware of how these overall factors can impact your business. This information can be used to help educate your customers or prospective customers in knowing what types of roofing they need and why.

Acting as a resource for customers is Marketing 101. This helps you grow your business and become a trusted advisor during what is typically a stressful time in their lives.

Why 2019 can be your business’s most successful year yet:

Extreme weather patterns ensure Alabama-based roofers stay in business.

“If you don’t like the weather in Alabama, wait five minutes.” That’s an old adage that roofing contractors have said or heard for many years. Indeed, the hot, humid climate of Alabama, combined with extreme weather events, ensure that there are always roofs in need of repair or replacement.

In fact, overall trends indicate that tornado activity level is increasing for our state. Hurricane activity is also a factor in weather-related roof replacement and allows Alabama to become a national trendsetter when it comes to fortifying homes against extreme winds.

In an industry driven by weather patterns, this is important information for roofers to know so they can be prepared to step in and work with customers after a natural disaster.

Having a roof over their heads is of utmost importance to your customers. Ensure you stay top-of-mind by staying in communication with customers before, during, and after a weather event.

Alabamians may have a propensity for alternative roofing.

Data indicates that many southern states such as Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi have a growing propensity for alternative roofing materials. This makes perfect sense, given the geography and climate of our region.

While metal roofing has increased in popularity over the last few years due to its durability, homeowners in the South are also exploring “cool roofing,” and Energy Star-rated options as well. Durability and energy efficiency, even in the most extreme weather conditions, are important to your customers.

“Which type of roof should I choose?” is a question you can help answer for your customers by understanding geographical trends and why certain materials work more effectively in certain climates. In addition to understanding how weather patterns impact roofs, this is an excellent opportunity to educate customers and become a trusted resource for them.

New home sales are slowing. Homeowners are renovating existing homes instead.

Over the last several months, the number of new homes sold began slowing down after a busy spring season. This indicates that the time is right for many people to either purchase older homes or stay in their existing homes. Either way, a renovation or roof placement is likely.

Why not stay ahead of the curve by marketing your roofing business to older, more established neighborhoods?

Direct mail pieces, social media, and even word-of-mouth marketing can ensure you’re reaching the right customers in older homes. Do you have a plan in place for reaching this audience? If not, you could be missing out on potential leads or sales.

Are you poised to have your most successful year?

Roofers and roofing companies all over the state are reaching out to Alabama homeowners to discuss weather, durability, renovation and more, and many are poised to make 2019 their best year ever.

If you’re thinking of marketing your roofing business to potential customers or leads, be sure to tell them about Smart Financing options. Have any questions about Smart Financing or how to become a provider? Reach out to us. We would love to talk to you.

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