Summer might be coming to an end, but in Alabama, high temperatures are here for several more weeks. If your business is entering the busy season for servicing, replacing, or repairing air conditioning units, you know it’s more important than ever to stand out from your competitors by offering the best service possible to your customers. 

Demand is high for your business – that is, if you capitalize on your customers’ HVAC needs and present your company in a good light. 

Have you ever thought of a service call as a way to market your HVAC business? 

Service calls are an industry staple. Still, many companies see them as part of the repair service, rather than as an essential tool for growing your business by providing exceptional customer service. 

Here’s how you can use service calls to showcase your business and gain new customers: 

Generate repeat and new business by doing the following on your next service call: 

  1. Use your time (and the client’s) wisely. It isn’t enough to show up on time. Customers want to know when you’re on your way. They also appreciate estimates for how long a job or inspection typically takes. Your thoughtfulness helps them plan their days around your visit and ensures the homeowner is available. 
  2. Look the part. Make sure uniforms are neat, clean, and ironed. Hats and gloves should be in good condition, free from holes or extreme wear and tear. The way your technicians look sets the tone for a positive first impression. 
  3. Explain what you’re doing each step of the way. Building trust with your customers is key to growing your business. Don’t keep customers in the dark. Help them feel invested in the process by letting them know what you’re doing and why. 
  4. Follow-up. Send customers follow-up calls or emails to ensure their satisfaction each step of the way. Address problems and issues right away, rather than letting them turn into larger problems down the road. 
  5. Simplify billing and payments. Many people don’t carry cash or checks on them – digital or card payments are often easier and more convenient. Financing options, such as our Smart Financing program, provide a simpler way to collect payments and let you focus on what you do best: HVAC repair and replacement. 
  6. Give customers a way to provide feedback. Along with following up, allow homeowners to review your service. If they leave a positive review, capture it, and use it in your marketing materials. If the review is less than stellar, address it with the customer and try to salvage the relationship, or use it as a learning experience. 

Service calls can grow your business

Stellar customer service impacts your bottom line, and it continues even after you make a service appointment. During and after service visits, homeowners will often decide whether or not to continue doing business with your company or go to a competitor

Summer is almost here, and your business has the potential to do well – but only if you put customers’ needs first and set a positive impression from the start of a service call. 

Have any other questions about our Smart Financing program and how it can help you scale your business? Give us a call!